Experiencing French Wines Now Easier Than Ever Before

Having spent many years in the wine industry, I’ve met other wine lovers & wine makers. They do enjoy wine, but so often somehow overlook the wonderful offerings that France gives the world.

Even if they do appreciate a beautiful wine from Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Côtes du Rhône,  often times the rich history France holds in winemaking can leave them intimidated & unable to choose the best wines that balance their needs in price, taste, and occasion.

Fortunately, we at Hausler Family Wines have got you covered,  as one of Australia’s private French wine importers. A few points to remember:

Wine is an adventure

France has thousands of years of history and wine making tradition, coupled with great diversity from different regions. Tasting is an adventure in this “old wine world” offering the opportunity to taste the impact of French terroir on the varieties you are used to – shiraz, cabernet, pinot noir, merlot, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, riesling – as well as explore new varieties.

No matter what wine tasting you attend, it should be like going to a new restaurant or taking a tour to new destinations – it’s an adventure and a search for a new experience (which you may or may not like!)

King Edward VII of England said “ One not only drinks wine, one smells it, observes it, tastes it, and – one talks about it.”

We at Hausler Family Wines agree with King Edward and try to reflect this in our tastings, which are designed to allow you to undertake a French wine adventure without feeling intimidated.

French Wine does not have to be expensive

There are of course many famous French wines & they can be expensive. In fact one of the world’s most expensive wines, if not the most expensive, comes from Burgundy, Grand Cru Romanee – Conti.

Tastings allow you to try before you buy  and this becomes increasingly important as the price increases. High price does not necessarily correlate with quality/taste. Wine remains an individual choice.

Hausler Family Wines does carry some expensive wines but most of our products offer good value for money and start at below $20/bottle. The opportunity to taste them allows you to experience the value before you buy.

You don’t have to be an expert

Any wine tasting you attend should be just about you & what you like, BUT, the opportunity needs to be there to explore and gain knowledge, & hence needs to be structured in a way that encourages discussion (remember King Edward VII).

Often people have preconceived taste preferences (“I only drink Shiraz!”) but a tasting allows them to widen their knowledge. Blind tastings (not knowing what is in the bottle or the price) are of great value in exploring your preferences. Sometimes you might taste a wine to your liking and then be surprised that it is made from a variety you would not normally buy.

Terroir and wine making techniques can have a great influence on wines and that is why wine remains a great adventure!