Languedoc- Roussillon

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  • Domaine La Beille

    Founded in 2005, the Estate is located on the Massif de Força Réal (local Mountain) 20 km west of Perpignan in the Pyrenees Orientales, in Southern France. The vineyard aspect is ideally located on sloping hills with efficient drainage soils consisting of slate and river rocks. The harvest is handpicked to ensure the highest quality – traditional Mediterranean varietals are used, such as: Grenache, Muscat, Macabeau, Carignan, Syrah, and Mourvèdre that have an average age of 70 plus years.

  • Chateau de L’Ou

    With the start of production in 1998 this relatively new winery has around 40 hectares of vineyards and produces 100,000 bottles per year. This certified Organic winery sorts all product prior to production to ensure only quality grapes are used. Using minimal filtration, fining and Sulphur, and a focus on quality these wines are truly an amazing experience.

  • Pierre Talayrach

    This is a modern cellar (established 1978) but with traditional values given it is built into the side of a hill and partly underground. This allows for vinification by gravity, a traditional winemaking technique that avoids excessive pumping to preserve varietal flavours and aromatics. This technique has been used at the vineyard for generations by the Talayrach Family in conjunction with semi – carbonic maceration winemaking techniques to produce soft and fruity wines with deep and bright colours.

    The Estate is located a few kilometres west of Perpignan in Southern France and the vineyards cover an area of 12 hectacres where Pierre Talayrach spent his life learning the traditions of his forefathers.
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