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Wine & Cognac Tasting Events

Our goal is to be able to offer you a French wine adventure, and to share the passion, history, innovation, winemaking techniques and terroir of our partner wine producers.

Learning about Wine & Cognac at Tasting Events is an enjoyable pastime and is best done in the company of friends and colleagues in a relaxed location. Our tasting sessions are designed to be informative and entertaining within a flexible and semi – formal structure.

There are a few ways in which you can approach your wine tasting party:

  • A formal tasting program where you and your friends can compare the aromatics, colour, taste and finish of various wines and Cognacs.
  • A wine & Cognac dinner (degustation) where wine & Cognac is matched with food.
  • An informal tasting of different varieties accompanied by a selection of canapes.
  • A tasting to compliment a special social event (birthday, anniversary or just a gathering of family &/or friends )

We work with you to plan the occasion to provide
the most appropriate value and experience.

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Tasting Guidelines:


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