Pierre de Segonzac XO Ancestral (average 70 years old) 700 ml

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Region: Cognac Grand Champagne 1st Cru.


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100% Ugni Blanc
Age: Average 70 years old

This prestige 100+ year old (flagship) Cognac is from a small family owned producer in the centre of Cognac. With seven generations of Cognac producing behind them this truly is an epic experience.


This Cognac has an amber colour with hints of green hues.


It has a very subtle nose and a wonderful balance between aromas of nuts, narcissus, cocoa, spices and candied fruit, old port, leather and cigar box.


Displays walnut and toasty characters on the pallet with smooth chocolate finish and a seemingly never ending finish.

Serving Suggestions

This is the fearless companion of the most prestigious cigar brands from Havana or Dominican Republic for an unforgettable bland of flavours. Is also able to be enjoyed on its own.




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